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ChemChimp is a proprietary digital ecosystem with the aim to digitalize the link between specialty chemical industries and manufacturing, streamlining and simplifying the purchasing and delivery process, enabling valorization of slow- and non-moving stock with great impact on sustainability via ChemSmog. Our key to success is engaging talents that value sustainable employment and embrace the challenge of delivering sustainable solutions.

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ChemChimp s.r.l. is created to reduce the elitarian business model running most of the (specialty) chemical industry, especially in growing and developing areas. By enabling a more democratic environment with strong focus on collaboration and growth, we believe in shared prosperity and responsibilities. It is our goal to position ourselves as a key innovator for digital solutions in the market.

Where the ChemChimp platform is designed to leverage the knowledge and expertise of local specialists where it is paramount to connect them with industry partners. In collaboration, they can offer a complete solution to the end-user.

While the ChemSmog platform utilises the adaption to customer needs, caused by social, economic, and political conditions, that in turn lead to slow- & non-moving stock. By providing a digital solution that enables materials owners the agility to valorise this potential chemical waste.

The omnichannel approach of our digital solutions improve collaboration across the value chain, increase industry competitiveness and enable increased customer satisfaction.



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ChemChimp is the best way to find what you are looking for, make great business deals and have everything just a click away. Whether you are a manufacturer, trader or consultant, Chemchimp is for you.

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